New Home Cinema At HiFi im Hinterhof!

We have reported in recent weeks with a few brief updates on the renovation of our major home cinema. Just in time for the Berliner Ohren-Tage, everything was finished and we are very satisfied with the result! Accordingly, we are pleased to provide you with the most important information about the equipment and, of course, to present the first photos. Draw the curtains!


The cinema is (as before) a 28-square-meter room with history: Originally used as a horse stable and then as storage space for a painting company, this room is the germ cell of HiFi im Hinterhof – here the first HiFi- components were dealt the counter. After the move into the front house, the room was initially a TV workshop, later the reconstruction into a home cinema took place for the first time.

Technical Details & Usage

In the renovation of the cinema, we were not only concerned with an optical and technical update, but also to place the space as a whole in the center of our home cinema demonstration. In other words, the big cinema is to become a busy working and demonstration space in the future, in which we show all the products from our program that make a high-quality and audiophil-oriented home cinema experience possible – from the current 4K/HDR projectors excellent AV receivers including Auro 3D, Dolby Atmos and DTS: X to the right loudspeaker systems from our core brands.

As the icing on top, we also have a 7.2.4. In-wall system based on the KEF Ci series. This was especially important to us because home cinema installations were a part of our business, but this area was not sufficiently represented in our screening rooms.

Finally, the whole set-up is finished with our completely reworked, acoustically transparent frame panel with motorized masking and a width of 3.5m.


So the most important thing is self-evident. We would like to invite you to visit us, to get a full picture for yourself!

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