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Consumer Electronics: 2015 in Retrospect, 2016 a Preview.

We want to make the last  item before Christmas and the New Year a small review of the technical development that took place in 2015 as well as an outlook for the year 2016. Many aspects that have taken up space in the past twelve months reporting on will be discussions that will probably continue to occupy us for a while yet. Now is a good chance to query the current state of affairs.

Beyerdynamic T1 (2nd Generation) Workshop

Gunter Weidemann, Senior Product Manager at Beyerdynamic recently held a very interesting and informative presentation with us on the subject Beyerdynamic T1 (2nd Generation), DT and the Tesla technology, head-phone production and technology and also headphone amplifiers. The video, however, is in the German language (and also quite long). For thos of you interested in certain aspects, a time marker in the YouTube description can be used for skipping. Have fun!

CanJam Europe 2015 – Europe’s Biggest Headphones Fair

Last weekend for the third time, the CanJam Europe headphone fair took place in Essen where everything revolves around the theme of headphones: headphone amplifiers, digital-to-analog converter and mobile players. It was a great opportunity to obtain a compact and comprehensive overview of the current market developments, catch up with old acquaintances as well as newly gained contacts and new inspiration for our headphone studio.

Enjoying music on the move

A long time maxim from the Hi-Fi textbook: Let the ear decide. Although for many users fashion now plays an important role in the choice of the mobile companion, this is one credo when headphones must be considered first and foremost by two aspects. Not only what falls upon the ear drum but also the comfort should satisfy the individual's requirements. The ear, especially in with inner-ear sets, can turn out to be pretty picky. In order to make your seach as quickly as possible we present a number of current headphone concepts and their advantages and disadvantages.

Oppo PM-1 – The new benchmark in headphones?

Oppo is a Chinese company, which to date has produced some of the most superior Bluray players on the market (Oppo 103EU, 103D and 105D) and, along with its range of smart phones, it's really drawing attention to itself. All Oppo products have here an excellent price/performance ratio across all price ranges, exceptional production quality AND reliability.