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New Headphones In Studio: AKG K872

New Headphones In Studio: AKG K872
New Headphones In Studio: AKG K872
New Headphones In Studio: AKG K872
New Headphones In Studio: AKG K872
New Headphones In Studio: AKG K872
New Headphones In Studio: AKG K872
With the K812 Pro having been introduced in 2013, the new AKG is in itself a small piece of art. Although the Hi-Fi and the studio market generally work according to their own laws, these open headphones have been made with with equal amounts of benevolence in both areas due to their extraordinarily natural and detailed appearance. Now the Austrians, with the K872, have entered a close variant in the race, which is available immediately for testing in our headphones studio.

Mobile High End Player: Astell & Kern AK380, AK320, AK300 & AK70

"The mp3 player is dead, long live the HiRes player." If one had to summarize the history of Astell & Kern in just one sentence, the following would be an opportunity to use this old adage. However, there is much more to say about this manufacturer, which is operating very successfully thanks to consistent high-end alignment of the last four years in a market that is supposedly no longer is. So were only this year several devices, including the new entry-level model presented AK70. We take this opportunity and take a look at the concept and the current program of Astell & Kern.

Fostex HP-V8: Now ready to be tested in our studios

The recently presented headphone amplifier and DAC Chord Mojo demonstrated very convincingly that it is easily possible today to enjox fidelity sound in pocket size. The Fostex HP-V8 could be interpreted in terms of an antithesis of checking the other end of the scale feasibility and also hardly comes as a travel companion. We have now taken the tube-powered high-end amplifiers in our program and have documntented the first findings.

New: Chord Mojo and DAC at Hifi im Hinterhof

We look forward to growth in our headphone range: The Chord Mojo is now available with us and may naturally like to be tested in our headphone Studio paces. A brief introduction to the small high-end headphone amplifier / DAC and some optical impressions's after the jump.

Welcome to Hifi im Hinterhof – An Video Introduction

For all those who are yet to be acquainted with us or have never visited us in person, there is now an "About Us" video, at the moment still only in German. Perhaps you can get to know us and our specialties a little better. We are always very pleased to welcome you at a our retail store in Berlin-Kreuzberg!

Clearence Sale 2016

Our first stop on the To-Do List for 2016 is an exciting range of various deals with devices from our show rooms, discontinued models and special individual pieces. We are not going to hold out on you any longer - here we have complied a special page in our online shop with all of the sale articles. Please note: All offers are only valid while stocks last. Enjoy browsing!

Consumer Electronics: 2015 in Retrospect, 2016 a Preview.

We want to make the last  item before Christmas and the New Year a small review of the technical development that took place in 2015 as well as an outlook for the year 2016. Many aspects that have taken up space in the past twelve months reporting on will be discussions that will probably continue to occupy us for a while yet. Now is a good chance to query the current state of affairs.

Beyerdynamic T1 (2nd Generation) Workshop

Gunter Weidemann, Senior Product Manager at Beyerdynamic recently held a very interesting and informative presentation with us on the subject Beyerdynamic T1 (2nd Generation), DT and the Tesla technology, head-phone production and technology and also headphone amplifiers. The video, however, is in the German language (and also quite long). For thos of you interested in certain aspects, a time marker in the YouTube description can be used for skipping. Have fun!

CanJam Europe 2015 – Europe’s Biggest Headphones Fair

Last weekend for the third time, the CanJam Europe headphone fair took place in Essen where everything revolves around the theme of headphones: headphone amplifiers, digital-to-analog converter and mobile players. It was a great opportunity to obtain a compact and comprehensive overview of the current market developments, catch up with old acquaintances as well as newly gained contacts and new inspiration for our headphone studio.