Cambridge Audio Limited CX-Series 2 Black Edition In March

We're excited to be able to offer you the limited Black Edition of the CX Series 2 from Cambridge Audio. This edition, consisting of the CX-A61 or CX-A81CX N V2, and CX C V2 models, is technically identical to the multi-award winning CX Series 2 in Lunar Grey but with an elegant aluminum front panel in matte black and glossy lettering. In addition, each unit comes with a certificate of authenticity, and production is limited to only 1000 units worldwide, making this edition a unique collector's item.

The CX-Series 2 from Cambridge Audio are already known for its outstanding audio quality and excellent workmanship. We reported on them in our article “Upgraded.” The limited Black edition now goes one better by complementing the proven design with an elegant aluminum front panel in matte black and glossy lettering.

CX-A61 or CX-A81?

You have the choice.

We have the pleasure of offering you both packages:

HiFi package with the CX-A81 large integrated amplifier

CX-Serie Black Edition

HiFi package with the CX-A61 large integrated amplifier

The CX N V2 will also be available individually.

The Black Edition of the CX Series is a feast for the eyes and offers outstanding audio quality that never fails to excite discerning listeners. With limited quantities of only 1000 worldwide and a certificate of authenticity, this edition will become a coveted collector’s item for audiophiles. Don’t miss your chance to secure a piece of hi-fi history, and come by as soon as possible! The sets are only available while stocks last.

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