Truly Tested: The Mark Levinson No. 535H

The No. 535H from Mark Levinson has been around for a few years. At that time, it was the first five-channel amplifier of the manufacturer. Until today the amp still meets audiophile needs, and that is why we are currently offering a highlight.

It’s been quite a while since Mark Levinson launched the No. 500H series, which included the No. 535H. This model is designed for a power of 200 watts for each of the five channels. An independent power supply per channel ensures excellent channel separation and image quality. Unbalanced RCA, as well as balanced XLR connections, round off the design successfully. The amplifier combines the flawless design of Mark Levinson with its remarkable workmanship and strong sound qualities.

Jetzt im Bundle: Mark Levinson No. 535H und Lexicon MC-10

Let’s draw attention to our current range of products: At the moment we have an incredible package deal on the No. 535H, together with the Lexicon MC-10 preamplifier — an excellent combination for all those who love the outstanding sound. The sound of these two models is effortless and balanced.

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