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How Not To Compromise On Quality In The Streaming Era

The selection of music streaming providers is getting bigger and bigger. To stand out from the competition, each streaming service offers a feature. But what does one have that the other doesn't? We took a closer look at the services of Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music & Co. and summarize streaming music know-how.

Bluesound Pulse 2 & Pulse Mini Summer Sale

We can get you streaming for an incredible price: Last year, we let you know that we had acquired the remaining stocks of the Pulse 2 and Pulse Mini from Bluesound as a part of our Multiroom range. Now we've drastically reduced the price of the wireless active speakers. If you want to digitally play your terrace or garden in the hot season, now is the ideal time to strike. The Pulse 2 is available in matte white, and the Pulse Mini is also available in black.  

Video: Roon Software HiFi Streaming

It's been a while since we wrote an article about Roon's software. Some things have changed on the interface since then. In the meantime, Roon has released two music servers (the Nucleus and Nucleus+). In our current video, we want to introduce the complete service in a little more detail. However, this only serves as a general overview, Roon is so extensive that we cannot present it in its entirety in a short video. So feel free to come to our store for a consultation. But now have fun with the video!  

How Do We Actually Listen To Music? The Development Of music Reproduction From Its Beginning Until Today

Music has accompanied humankind since the beginning of time. But there was a long way between the first drummed rhythm, the introduction of universal musical notation, and the first sound recording in 1860 by Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville's phonautograph. On this path, technology and music have always been closely intertwined and are still impossible to separate today. How has the way we consume music changed over the centuries until today?