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DALI EPIKORE 11: Sound and Art

Our DALI EPIKORE 11 in exquisite Maroon finish has arrived and is ready to deliver a unique sonic experience: Teaming up with our playback partners McIntosh, Accuphase, Hegel, and Mark Levinson, you can indulge in pure auditory delight – dynamic, precise, and brimming with hidden nuances and subtleties, as aptly articulated by Robert Schlundt after his initial listening session. That's audiophile magic.

Video: Sophisticated Sounds Without Cable Chaos

One of our showrooms is now a wireless studio with speakers and systems from Dali, KEF, Sonus Faber, Cabasse, JBL, and Naim Audio. What's shared within this array is that they are wireless models. This means that streaming and multi-room solutions can also be implemented easily! In order to be able to ideally compare this multitude of playing partners with each other and thus find the model that suits you best, we have now completed a room that is exactly there: Feel free to come by and listen to the speakers  

Our New Studio For Wireless Speakers

Our New Studio For Wireless Speakers
Our New Studio For Wireless Speakers
Our New Studio For Wireless Speakers
Our New Studio For Wireless Speakers
We've got something new and exciting in-store for you! Our former gallery has been transformed into a wireless studio, to showcase our range of wireless speakers. With this, we're jumping on the bandwagon that we are often asked about. And now the corresponding models get the space they deserve.

Dali Epicon’s Series Available In New Colour Range

This likely will be most exciting to Dali fans but in any case worth a mention: From October 2021, all models in Dali's Epicon series will be available in new finishes. The colors high-gloss black, walnut, and Ruby Makassar will remain, while high-gloss white will be dropped. Instead, black and white will be added to a matte finish. The prices aren't changing though! 

Dali Katch G2: Quality Dali Sound On The Go

Fitting for the hottest time of the year, the mobile HiFi solution of the Danish manufacturer comes in a new revised design. The first version of the Dali Katch was already convincing, especially in terms of sound. It so happens that Dali uses both the same driver and amplifier in the Katch G2 as in the previous model. The new 5.0 Bluetooth standard (aptX-HD) and 25% more battery power allow even longer audiophile summer days outdoors. Available in Iron Black, Caramel White, and Chilly Blue, it also sets many a colorful accent.

Just Landed: The Dali RUBICON 6 Black Edition

With the Rubicon 6, Danish manufacturer Dali created a speaker in a class of its own. Now the Danes have gone one step further and manufactured this speaker in an all-black model — the Rubicon 6 Black Edition. The cabinet is in matte black, and the two 165 mm-woofers are also in elegant black. Visually this speaker differs from the typical Dali models with their red-brown cones. The audio has also been tweaked with the inclusion of Mundorf capacitors and silver stranded internal wiring. This edition of the Rubicon 6 is limited to just 444 pairs worldwide and is, therefore, a real treasure — of the pure black kind.

Danish Sound Art For Every Occasion: DALI’s Opticon MK2 Series

We can hardly wait for the delivery of the new passive loudspeakers from DALI. The Opticon MK2 series comprises two compact loudspeakers the Opticon 1 MK2 and the Opticon 2 MK2, the floorstanding loudspeakers Opticon 6 MK2 and Opticon 8 MK2, as well as the centre channel speakers Opticon LCR MK2 and last but not least the Opticon Vokal MK2.