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BluOS Streaming Devices: Some Useful Tips!

We never stop learning and are always happy when we can help: A customer had a problem with his BluOS streaming integrated amplifier NAD C700, which no longer worked properly. He had already tried to solve the problem himself but could not find a fault. Therefore, he decided to have the device examined by us. But we could not find any fault in the device either. This did not satisfy us. We could not leave it at that.

Bluesound PULSE M: Powerful, Wireless & Stylish

Bluesound PULSE M
We're expanding our Bluesound streaming speaker lineup: The new PULSE M is the first streaming speaker to feature an Omni-Hybrid design. This means an upward radiating woofer and two tweeters mounted at a 45-degree angle, creating a brilliant 360° sound image in your rooms. The speaker can be connected to any other player in our Bluesound universe. Hear it, see it, and experience it yourself — come by for a personal demonstration! 

Video: NAD Streaming Integrated amplifiers M10 V2 & C700

In this video, our team member Alex introduces the M10 V2 BluOS® streaming integrated amplifier with Dolby Digital decoder, as well as its little sibling the new C700 from NAD. Have fun watching learning more about the features and applications of both devices.