SPK618 HDMI Adapter Kit Available

After in October of the last year with individual products of the companies Marantz and Denon increased connection problems occurred with the connection of video consoles, both manufacturers announced to have solved the well-known problem now durably with a uniform HDMI adapter. This will be available after online registration on the respective website in a simple version free of charge for those affected.

The models listed below from the manufacturers Denon and Marantz recently experienced pass-through problems as standard in conjunction with selected gaming sources at 4K/120Hz and 8K/60Hz video resolutions. By means of the SPK618 HDMI adapter, these should now be able to be resolved. By taking the HDMI input signal from the gaming source and then passing the corrected HDMI data to the corresponding AVR, the new SPK618 HDMI adapter fixes the error and can deliver a 4K/120Hz or 8K signal. The compatibility of the adapter is ensured by a firmware update of the affected devices, which can be performed either manually or automatically.


The eligible Marantz devices:

and the Denon devices:

Since mid-May, affected end-customers have been able to register online via the following pages and receive an SPK618 HDMI adapter free of charge, which is expected to begin shipping in June 2021.

Denon: www.denon.com/hdmiadapter
Marantz: www.marantz.com/hdmiadapter

Alternatively, another adapter is supposed to be available, which has four outputs instead of one but only for an as-yet-undetermined fee.

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