Sony’s New VPL Series 4K Projectors

Since the end of September, we've stocked Sony's VPL-VW590ES and VPL-VW790ES home cinema projectors. Both projectors offer a variety of impressive features in their price range. The VPL-GTZ380 4K laser projector is expected to be available from January 2021 and is particularly suitable for professional use.


The VPL Home Cinema Projector Series delivers 4096×2160 Cine 4K resolution with its 4K SXRD panel, while Sony’s own advanced LcoS SXRD technology enables rich, deep blacks, cinematic motion and smooth images. Its high heat and light resistance also ensure exceptionally high and stable brightness.

The VPL-VW590ES is Sony’s highest-quality, native 4K lamp projector with a light output of 1800 lumens. The VPL-VW790ES uses a Z-phosphor laser light source to deliver razor-sharp images even on larger 2000 lumens screens. The iris control and laser are dynamic and can be adjusted independently to match the light output to the brightness of the scene. This allows for much higher contrast, resulting in the unmatched colourful cinema experience. In figures, this means a dynamic contrast of 350,000:1 for the smaller 590 model and “infinity: 1” for the VW790ES. Sony’s X1 technology, originally from BRAVIA televisions, has been optimised for projectors as Sony’s X1 for a projector. Its dedicated processor enables the combination of innovative technologies such as Sony’s Dynamic HDR Enhancer, Super Resolution and Reality Creation to deliver extremely high resolution and high-quality images even with HDR content. In this way, even Full-HD material can be extrapolated to 4K and shine in new splendour. Especially textures and details look better than before. Sony’s Focus Enhancement feature allows you to make the best possible image quality corrections, ensuring that the image focus is perfectly sharp from centre to edge. Even in sports scenes, Sony’s Motionflow technology delivers smooth and crisp motion even in 4K, adding images without loss of brightness to reduce blur.
The terminal block of both projectors consists of two HDMI 2.0 (HDCP 2.2) connectors as well as a LAN socket, an RS-232C interface and a USB port. The VPL-VW590ES weighs 14 kilograms with dimensions of 49.6 x 20.5 x 46.4 centimetres and is available in both black and white housing. The VPL-VW790ES weighs 20 kilograms and measures 56.0 x 22.3 x 49.6 centimetres. Both are ideal for home cinema and the living room, and their exceptional features guarantee an impressive cinema experience in your own home.


The VPL-GTZ380 is particularly suitable for large-area installations with several projectors, not only thanks to its four corner brackets. Sony’s absolute top-of-the-range laser projector offers native 4K resolution without any tricks like upscaling or pixel shifting. As a result, all details are preserved, even in close proximity to the screen, guaranteeing overwhelming visual impact. This makes it an excellent choice not least for planetariums or large-scale exhibition installations. Sony’s innovative SXRD technology offers a brightness of 10,000 lumens and allows clinically clean edge blending instead of annoying overlays of multiple projector images. The projector also uses the X1™ Ultimate image processor, which is optimised for projector applications. This means it supports VR and 3D in addition to HDR formats such as HDR 10 and HLG. The projector simultaneously uses two 4K-3D signals at 60 Hz. Thanks to the latest graphics processing technology, the VPL-GTZ380 can display 4K images at up to 120 Hz with vivid DCI-P3 colour. The proven Dynamic HDR Enhancer and Object-based HDR Remaster features provide a dynamic range of 16,000:1 and a sophisticated liquid cooling system ensures that the projector does not overheat by efficiently dissipating heat through a phosphor wheel design via a patented spiral fin. With an operating volume of 39 decibels, it is relatively quiet considering its performance. The projector measures 56.0 x 26.2 x 76.0 cm, weighs 51 kg and is expected to be launched in a compact cabinet in January 2021.

Sonys VPL-GTZ380


Final Thoughts

The VPL-VW590ES and VPL-VW790ES projectors are ideal for home cinema use. The VPL-GTZ380 is designed for demanding applications. Whether for home or professional use, Sony delivers high-quality products for every application.

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