Room acoustics on tour: from Berlin to Bonn, make yourself a free appointment

Have you experienced this before? The system is installed. The speakers are wired. All components have been carefully selected. And yet the feeling of satisfaction still won't adjust properly. Maybe it's time to look beyond the edge of the stereo to the room with its acoustic properties.

Although the effectiveness of even simple acoustic measures can be very convincing, hashing out the theme of room acoustics, especially in private spaces, is still a niche area. With minimalistic interior design concepts still on the rise, it will always be a worthwhile investment buying sets which can integrated discreetly and stylishly into any room.

The question of what exactly your room will benefit from potentially acoustic optimization, you can easily work out yourself. Listen to a fast echo when you clap your hands? Are intense conversations affected by an unpleasant surround sound? Booming bass whilst listening to your favourite albums or movie soundtrack in the home theatre and over again uncontrollably? Do you feel that the stereo imaging of individual instruments and sounds is impaired?


You don’t need complicated measurements and costly conversion measures to tackle such problems step-by-step. We are pleased to have a partnership with the company Davidsound from Bonn who focus on the quality of their acoustic elements whilst having an emphasis on attractive design and fair pricing. That’s no coincidence. From years of experience in the audio industry event and resulting sound professional and customer-oriented solutions, whether in the studio, business or private customers. In the period from 30.07. until 03.08. you will have the opportunity to see this for yourself. For an obligation-free onsite appointment and the opportunity to experience a full range of different presentation from bass absorbers to the ceiling panels in your own listening environment.

For this, simply sign up at the following address:

Incidentally, the acoustic elements of David Sound are not only developed in Germany, but also produced locally. There is also an emphasis is placed on compliance with environmental standards.

We look forward to hearing from you and wish you good sound!

Your HiFi im Hinterhof Team

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