Listen to the new Bowers & Wilkins CM Series with us

It's been a few weeks since the arrival of the KEF Reference 5 and since we made our happy announcement. Read further because under no circumstances do we wish to hinder your opportunity to enjoy this amazing release!

Overall, the series now includes a whopping nine models and two different speaker stands. To keep track, we divide the range by size or area of operation and work us in turn before. Here we go.

Compact Loudspeakers

We outline the three compact loudspeakers especially CM1 S2, CM5 S2 and the CM6 S2. While the CM1 S2 was only a minor further development of the CM1, whose launch in 2006 marked the starting point for the extremely successful CM-series, the larger CM5 S2 builds a bridge to the newly developed CM6 S2. The top model among compact speakers has even called the tweeter on top design of large CM10 S2 are there as well.

Bowers & Wilkins CM-Serie mit Tweeter-On-Top

Standing Speakers

This is still the undisputed top model of the series and is complemented by two further standing speakers so there are with three variants to create your constellation with. The CM8 S2 is especially suited to more managable size rooms being a bit slimmer than the other sets CM9 S2. The tweeter is located in these two models in the case.

Bowers & Wilkins CM-Serie mit integriertem Tweeter

Bowers & Wilkins CM-Serie Nahaufnahme

Anschlussterminal der Bowers & Wilkins CM10

Surround Sound Supplements

Since the CM-series can be explicitly used as a high-end surround system, a centre speaker then becomes a must, of which there are even two to choose from. The <ahref=””>CM Centre S2 has been designed as a two-way system and as alternative with even more bass foundation the CM Centre 2 S2 with two subwoofers is reccomended. Speaking of bass foundation: naturally should the active subwoofer ASW10CM S2 not go unmentioned asy it is capable of mapping the deepest depths of up to 25 Hz.

In fact Bowers & Wilkins have covered everything in the area of surround sound with their CM-Series, which is innately expressed in both of these two packages.

CM8 S2 Theatre

Main Speaker: CM8 S2
Centre Speaker: CM Centre S2
Surround: CM1 S2
Subwoofer: ASW10CM S2

CM9 S2 Theatre
Main Speaker: CM9 S2
Centre Speaker: CM Centre 2 S2
Surround: CM5 S2
Subwoofer: ASW10CM S2

Due to the considerable variety of models, other individualised combinations are also possible. We will gladly advise you in this direction. Almost all of the speakers are available in satin white, gloss black or a walnut finish – except for the specialist bass speakers.

Die komplette neue Bowers & Wilkins CM Serie

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