High-Resolution: The New SA700 from Astell & Kern

Astell & Kern are used to high quality players. The new SA700, a high-resolution player with Dual DAC, is now on the market. But what is so special about this model? We'll take a close look at the new top device.


Astell & Kern also remain true to their classic approach with the SA700. The digital player was manufactured in the futuristic design typical for the manufacturer. It presents itself with the usual large screen and a large volume wheel on the right edge. An LED ring has been integrated into this, which displays the volume in 150 different red tones and the bit rate of the songs in four different colours: red lights the LED light at 16bit, green at 24bit, 32bit at blue and purple finally shows the DSD quality.

The digital audio player is enclosed in a steel housing, either in stainless steel or in black stainless steel. The robust material not only ensures the safety of the valuable interior, but also promotes excellent sound experiences by reducing vibrations.


First of all, the heart of the SA700 is its quad-core processor and dual D/A converter, which provides optimal sound. Nevertheless, it has an enormously low battery consumption.

As already known from A&K, this player is also based on the Android operating system. It guarantees access to all common streaming apps, such as Spotify, Tidal, Deezer and Amazon Music. You can also install your own apps on the device. With the USB-C port, titles can be played from PC and Mac to the SA700 and Bluetooth 4.2 and a WiFi connection are also available. The player supports all important audio formats and offers a wide range of playback options. Downsampling is not used with the D/A player, but the audio files are looped through in 32bit to the D/A converter. A true promise of listening pleasure!


The Astell & Kern SA700 will soon arrive at our demonstration. With a 128 GB hard drive, its storage capacity is in the conventional range – and thus offers enough space for all your favourite titles. We’re really looking forward to the high-resolution player.

Update 26.11.2019: If you would like to buy the player to put under the Christmas tree, we recommend that you pre-order is recommended.

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