Coming Soon: Cambridge Audio’s The Alva ST and Alva TT V2 Turntables

We want to start 2022 with two fantastic and unique turntables: The Bluetooth-enabled Alva ST and the larger Alva TT V2 from Cambridge Audio. Combining the old with the new, it’s just what we want from the HiFi world.

The two new turntables from Cambridge Audio really have just about everything going for them. They are the successors of the popular Alva TT and thus have giant shoes to fill – and the shoes fit perfectly! Naturally, many of you love the unique sound of vinyl. At the same time, sometimes it’s nice to have access to the benefits of digital. And with these turntables, this is possible! They feature a high-quality aptX Bluetooth transmitting unit, which will transmit the sound of your favorite vinyl records to your hi-fi components with a resolution of 48 kHz and 24 bits. Play the music of your vinyl records without having to get up by simply placing your turntable next to where you’re listening.

Both turntables feature the aforementioned Bluetooth connectivity and a built-in phono preamp, which you can turn off if you prefer to use your own external preamp. The larger model is designed as a moving coil cartridge and the smaller Alva ST is a moving magnet cartridge. Common to both models is their high-quality, sturdy tonearm and electronic — you can count on superior sound with both. While the Alva TT V2 has a turntable made of polyoxymethylene, the Alva ST has an aluminum die-cast turntable. With both turntables, you can be sure that you are listening to the very best analog vinyl sound. What’s more, they are, of course, compatible with all standard hi-fi components. Both the Alva TT V2 and the Alva ST turntables are expected to start shipping in February. We’re quite excited!

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