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The 64 Audio In-Ear Headphones On Sale Only For A Short Time

Just under a month ago, we announced that we would be adding the new 64 Audio in-ear headphones to our range. Now, in addition to the tia Fourté and the Audio Nio, we have also received the tia Trió, U12t and U18t. In the course of this, we were able to negotiate special conditions with the manufacturer, which is why we can offer the headphones (except the 64 Audio Nio) at a personalised price on request until 16.09.2020. For further information, please visit us in our store. We look forward to your visit.

Coming soon: 64 Audio’s High End In-Ear Headphones

Good news: The first test definitely impressed us, and that's why we are starting with the new in-ear headphones from 64 Audio. Of course, we hope to be able to offer the whole range soon. We start with the models U12t as well as U18t. But also the models Nio, tia Trió and the largest, the tia Fourté, are very exciting in our eyes (and ears). It should be noted that these headphones from the high-end range are absolutely natural. If you are looking for the PA studio sound, you will find it here. If you are interested, just contact us and come by to get to know the little giants.    

Focal Offer: Get 800 Euros Off An Arche Amp

The Arche headphone amplifier will lift your sound experience. And with FOCAL headphones, we're wrapped to present a new offer: With the purchase of the Arche headphone amplifier from Focal, you can save a sweet 800 €.

Our Annual Clearance Sale 2020!

New Year, A New Beginning! As always, we've been excited to put together a range of clearance sale stocks at some incredible prices! Enjoy browsing the bargains online but they're only available while stocks last! 

Coming Soon: The FiiO M15

At last, FiiO has rebooted its M15 in the series of high-class high-resolution audio players. The model will most likely arrive in February and we're very excited about it that we decided to give it a run down in advance!

Berlin Sound Waves: The HEDDphone ONE

Berlin Sound Waves: The HEDDphone ONE
Berlin Sound Waves: The HEDDphone ONE
Berlin Sound Waves: The HEDDphone ONE

A local find! We now have the flagship pair of headphones from Berlin manufacturer HEDD to try out thanks to the pair given to us by the company in our Headphone Studios. We find them visually unique as well as very high performing. We invite you to make your impression of an extraordinary pair of headphones owing in part to the Air Motion Transformer system.

Our 40th Anniversary Winter Deals!

In 1979, when we founded our shop, we were operated out of a small room in the backyard of an apartment building in Berlin-Kreuzberg, not far from the border to East Berlin. Much has changed since then! And without you, we wouldn’t still be here today. We want to thank you for your loyalty with an extra special array of Winter Deals in our online shop from our HiFi, TV, Home Cinema, Streaming and Headphone departments. You can also check out the Winter Deal Catalogue PDF. Here’s to the next 40 years!

Perfect Audiophile Experiences On The Go: The Audeze LCD-1

We are pleased to present another highlight in our showrooms: The new over-ear headphone called LCD-1 from Audeze. We think the magnetostatic model is especially comfortable thanks memory foam lining the ear pads and the headband. The LCD-1 can be stowed away effortlessly, making them an ideal companion on all journeys. And the outstanding sound quality is but of course part of Audeze's repertoire.