Yamaha’s High-End YH-5000SE Headphones With True Sound & Orthodynamic Drivers Arriving In April

Yamaha has launched the YH-5000SE, a top-of-the-line headphone with planar-magnetic drivers that builds on a long tradition of developing high-quality headphones. Back in the 1970s, Yamaha relied on morphodynamic drivers and faithful sound reproduction across the entire frequency spectrum with the HP-1. The YH-5000SE now relies on luxurious materials, extremely lightweight construction, and a perfect evolution of the drivers to enrich the current line-up of headphones

Made in Japan

In the production of the YH-5000SE, Yamaha places special emphasis on quality and precision. For this reason, each headphone is handmade in Japan. Both the production of the Orthodynamic drivers and the assembly of all individual parts require technical skills at the highest level. The production site in Kakegawa is known worldwide for exclusive grand pianos, upright pianos and audio components and meets all requirements to produce a top product like the YH-5000SE.

True Sound

Yamaha has a unique broad know-how and a long history of success in the field of music. The brand is intensely dedicated to all aspects of music – from the creation of sound by artists to the reception of the sound experience by listeners. In doing so, Yamaha takes into account the intent and emotion that artists want to bring to their music. They provide a musical experience that is designed to faithfully reproduce the artists’ deliberate vocal accents and subtle nuances, dynamic and energetic reproduction without distortion, and spatial expression that conveys the enthusiasm of a full concert hall. The result is a sound experience that gives the impression of being very close to the artist.

Orthodynamic driver

Yamaha developed the first ORTHODYNAMIC headphones in the 1970s with the HP-1, delighting music lovers worldwide. The latest version of the driver, which includes a thin-film diaphragm with metal spiral structure, has been optimized by innovative technologies to ensure maximum sound quality. The absence of a fixed center structure, the use of concentric circular ripples and pattern amplification, and the absence of magnetic substances in close proximity provide a dynamic and responsive sound that pampers the ears.

Tradition with style

In addition to the flagship YH-5000SE model, Yamaha offers high-quality accessories to help you get the most out of your headphones. The accessory package includes an aluminum table stand specifically designed for the headphones, cables with silver-coated OFC, and two types of ear pads made from the finest materials to ensure premium listening pleasure.


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