Time For An Upgrade? LG’s CineBeam PF610P Projector

Whether cozy movie nights at home or spontaneous viewing on the road, the LED projector CineBeam PF610P from LG Electronics gives you flexibility for quality entertainment: Cinema, whereever you may be! Find a variety of projectors from LG in our online store.

The CineBeam PF610P is a mobile Full HD projector (1,920 x 1,080). With its dimensions of 225 x 192 x 69 mm, it is both for easy setup at home as well as quick and ready for use on the road. It weighs just 1.7 kg and offers a projection diagonal of 60 to 120 inches. For 100-inch, for example, you need just 2.65 meters of space. We particularly love the portable projector’s sustainable lighting technology, which, thanks to the LED lamp, can pack in up to 30,000 hours of running time.

This is a projector that offers a brightness of 1,000 ANSI lumens which, of course, makes for an excellent display. It has a contrast ratio of 150,000:1 and, very importantly, keystone correction to align your image perfectly, so you can be sure of projecting an excellent image. As well, new 4-channel LED technology contributes to this, for it means that the RGB colors are used separately in the projector — there is a dynamic green that adjusts hue and brightness to create an accurate image.

You can play back on the projector via Screen Share, Bluetooth and of course AirPlay 2. The USB 2.0 port offers you many more possibilities, as well. The web OS 5.0 operating system also comes into play, so you can use apps like Apple TV+, Netflix, Disney + and also YouTube without issue.

And don’t forget that the CineBeam comes with an integrated stereo speaker. A real gem — even for smaller home cinema setups.

Klein aber Oho! Der LG CineBeam PF610P Projektor

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