The 4K QLED GQ75Q9FNGTXZG from Samsung

With the new top TV from Samsung, the bright colours and the impressive picture contrast immediately catch your eye. The QLED, available in 65", excels with Q Color technology and almost completely covers the DCI-P3 colour space. We will take a look at the other highlights of the Q9F below.

Technical Specialties 

As already mentioned, the frameless Q9F features Q Color technology. As far as colors are concerned, this is a wonderful choice. Of course, Samsung has also attached great importance to the black levels. With Q Contrast Elite, black is displayed particularly deep and white extremely bright — so that the images shine in exactly the tones that they have in reality. The basis for this is the full-surface direct LED backlight. In addition, the surface is coated with Ultra Black Elite to minimize light reflections. This, in turn, has a particularly positive effect during the day when the light would normally have a negative effect on the television picture.

Video Format 

Of course, the TV is 4K-enabled. The top model also has the highest brightness and an impressive display of details thanks to HDR. The Q9F even impresses with HDR10+. We have highlighted exactly what this means in our review article.

With the so-called Q Mastering Engine image control, all images are scaled to UHD resolution and are QLED-compatible. It is important to note that Samsung has been awarded the UDH Alliance’s Ultra HD Premium Seal.


The Q9F is connected to the One Connect Box via an extremely thin, 5-meter long cable, which combines all important connections. Even the power supply runs through the external box. Access is available to three USB ports, 4 HDMI ports, a digital audio output, the Audio Return Channel and more. Of course, the Smart TV is WLAN compatible. Samsung’s bonus is the all-in-one remote control that can operate all connected compatible devices. Even voice control is possible.


The GQ75Q9FNGTXZG is the right choice for those who place great emphasis on brilliant colors. With its inconspicuous design, the television fits perfectly into any room and the One Remote Control makes the operation of all connected devices extremely simple. This QLED has it all!

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