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An Overview of 3D-Sound: Auro 3D, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X

While Dolby and Auro Technologies have been around several months, causing a big stir with their 3D sound technologies Atmos and Auro, the surround sound specialists DTS have kept theirs conspicuously tucked away until now. Although unofficially floating around in certain circles, officially there has been no information pertaining to the DTS-UHD. Finally as part of this year's CES 2015,  accompanied by first demo shows, the in-house concept DTS:X had its launch announced for March 2015. In order to compete for top place in the future three 3D sound systems in the always lucrative home theatre market. What are the differences? Are the formats compatible with each other? And aren't three systems two too many? We summarize.

Dolby Atmos in Our Showrooms

From the Lange Nacht der Ohren 2014 onwards, there has been the opportunity to gain a first impression of the new 3D-sound standard Dolby Atmos in our big home theatre. Meanwhile, we have upgraded further demonstration rooms with the appropriate speakers and AV receivers and we're now offering the chance to test out Atmos set-ups both with the ceiling speakers as well as with Atmos-enabled loudspeakers.

The Afterglow: Lange Nacht der Ohren 2014

The guest presenters are long gone, the demonstrations dismantled and the staff are back to being full hands on deck. What we are left with are the amazing times that were had at Lange Nacht der Ohren 2014, and ensuing discourse to in the coming days and weeks. Although these snapshots don't do the atmosphere and buzz of the evening justice, here are some highlights in photographic form

Lange Nacht der Ohren 2014 At A Glimpse!

This Saturday it kicks off: Lange Nacht der Ohren, now in its seventh year. We're knee deep in preparations but somehow managing to keep well on top of the to-do-lists. In case you haven't got an idea, check out our previously posted program and now additionally, here is a finalised overview of how we'll be coordinating the evening. Don't worry, we'll also be handing out printed leaflets on the night! Until Saturday!

Dolby Atmos: The New Standard In Surround Sound

It's been a good two years since Dolby announced its new multi-channel technology, Atmos, and since the first cinema operator began to upgrade accordingly. With now over 300 cinemas worldwide fitted with Dolby Atmos systems, the global market leader in surround sound is now preparing to conquer the living room and home theatre. In keeping with the market launch of Dolby Atmos Consumer, we have put together the relevant facts for you.