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Our High End Amplifiers: Accuphase E-600, Mark Levinson No. 585 and Musical Fidelity NuVista 800

Three different manufacturers, three times absolute high-end sound: let's take a look into three major intergrated amplifiers currently in our collection and see what can be compared. We want to consciously avoid long explanations with respect to the high-quality processing which should be a matter of course in this price range, as well as on extravagant sound analysis, prefering instead want to specially present the relatively different concepts. Should you feel inclined please don't hestitate to join us for your own live hearing test where you can discover your own preferences among theses great devices.

Amplifiers: A Guide From Class A, Class B, Class AB to Class D

Throughout product descriptions, articles and discussions we find ourselves talking about again and again about the so-called amplifier classes which are in place to demarcate the operation of the respective circuit. But how can we really classify them? How does the ordering really work? Why are there different different classes at all? And what are the advantages and disadvantages does each bring with them? We’ve taken the best known of examokes from across the board – Classes A, B, AB and D – viewing them in more detail so that we can take this question head on.

The Afterglow: Lange Nacht der Ohren 2014

The guest presenters are long gone, the demonstrations dismantled and the staff are back to being full hands on deck. What we are left with are the amazing times that were had at Lange Nacht der Ohren 2014, and ensuing discourse to in the coming days and weeks. Although these snapshots don't do the atmosphere and buzz of the evening justice, here are some highlights in photographic form