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Meanwhile the listen to berlin Sampler 2016/17 being officially published,  among it all on Soundcloud where all eighteen songs can be heard in full. The delivery of the LPs was unfortunately delayed, but the CDs have arrived and so there’s now a little bonus for all purchases in the retail shop and online – while stocks last. Also, we’ve compiled the official artist information.


The Artists from the listen to berlin Samplers 2016/17:

#1 – Mop Mop – From ‘Lunar Love’, the fifth studio album from Benini, here are the two poles of his music – from abstract and experimental sounds which are often bleak all the way to catchy Soul – and again redefining itself. His background in African-American jazz meets some tribal beats with an intergalactic storyline that welds his songs together into a single force.

#2 – Lord Pusswhipis a 22 year old hip-hop producer and rapper, who has the dubious honour of being crowned king of Icelandic underground hip-hop scene. Known for his lush, psychedelic and confrontational sounds, inspired by horror movies and women, Pusswhip has already produced for a number of (international) artists in the underground rap world.

#3 – NOSOYOBerlin is the headquarters, though Amsterdam is an important sideshow in their story: NOSOYO are Donata Kramarz and Daim de Rijke who only came together in Amsterdam in 2014. Chemistry and magic occured immediately. The result is pop, somewhere between Nina Simone and Sia. Grounded and stringently – Nosoyo reduced sound to something that is hypnotic and urgent.

#4 – Carmel Zouma French-Congolese singer, songwriter and producer based in Berlin has just released their debut album “Skwamat” under the Berlin label Sprinstoff. The dancehall and reggae artist works, among others with hip-hop, electronic and bass Produzent_innen together and impressed with beautiful melodies and groovy Hardcore Dancehall Vibes people on the dance floors.

#5 – Berlin Boom Orchestramake modern, danceable reggae in different game types with German lyrics and a lot of instrumental finesse but beyond the usual clichés of deeply relaxed feel-good tooting. Directly from the dirty Clubs capital meets punky middle finger attitude to Lovers Rock, Pro-Homo on putting Dancehall and Critical Theory on urban bass music. The eight-member band around the singer Filou convinced a steadily growing fan base since 2006 that Rub-A-Dub-style also works correctly in German.

#6 – The JoolesThe Berlin band shows on their debut album Moving Memories that pop needs no genre classifications. But good melodies and grooves that wind into memory to bring heart and legs to dance alike. The musical framework mix Daria, Alex, Katharina and Richie here at will without losing the thread. For a variety of personal influences the result is a fresh sound that defies any timeless trend.

#7 – Die Wilde JagdBooming tom-toms, whispering voices, synthesized sounds and pulsating bass lines to deliver a hunt in the jungle of Neo – Krautrock, electronica and synth pop. With numerous analog keyboards and recording devices that are combined with a diverse range of percussion sounds, Ralf Beck and Sebastian Lee Philipp alias create “The Wild Hunt” their own “hunting music”. Get lost in the forest and let the hunt begin!

#8 – Rancunecombine electronic sounds of the 80s and new wave songwriting, their influences range from garage rock to electronic body music. Analog synths, drum machines and organ provide the musical backbone, while the three Berlin-based Frenchman sing together or alone of love, lust, anger and culinary disappointments.

#9 – LIVKIOlivia Anna Livki is a DIY-Nature: riot grrrl the bass guitar, singer, songwriter, producer, filmmaker – and a live act with an almost legendary reputation. Their sound? Pop anthems from bass, hip hop, kuduro, dancehall and the primordial ooze of the Blues.

#10 – NICONÉSince 2007, he delights us with its own, very urbane, elegant and complex design of electronic club music. In June published Niconé his third album “dislocation“. He named it after after an injury he sustained in summer, 2015. The selected melancholic-dreamy song “Still Young” is a feature with the Berlin indie whiz ABBY.

#11 – Cossbegan his musical career as a guitarist, bassist and songwriter in various band projects. Starting point for his own productions were first contact with electronic music by Moody Man, Theo Parrish and trick ski. He lives and works in Berlin since 2005. After first own releases and remixes his first EP appeared dantze in August 2014 on the Berlin label, 2015 followed with his second EP, the kick-off for their own label Metanoia.

#12 – KlezmeyersThe music of Klezmeyers has traveled widely – connects East and West, East and West, and thereby entraining all the walls down. As different as the three Berlin musicians are, as different are their influences. The instrumentalists fuse Klezmer with flamenco, tango, jazz and Arabic rhythms. In virtuoso interplay a music that does not deny its traditional roots but arises again and again surprised. Modern Klezmer at the highest level

#13 – Soukie & Windishare back with their second album. Three years after the debut of the duo released in May “LOOM”. The first sketches to emerged in the last year on their tour of Australia, where Nayan and Fritz could entrench a while near Melbourne in a rehearsal room. The result is a diverse album with hard drums, distorted synths, warm techno, a touch dirty pop and escapist surfaces.

#14 – Lion SphereThe four-member band from Berlin developed a unique fusion of spherical to warm soulful guitar and synthesizer sounds, electronic bass and unusually rich drumgrooves and can fly through the unique voice of the singer sound monumental. The diverse roots of the individual musicians, who met from different parts of the world coming in Berlin, are seen in the very modern song structures.

#15 – Ann & BonesAlready as a little girl Ann Weller has dubbed Fairytale on piano. Today she writes together with Boris Meinhold and Benny Glass songs with a tendency to melancholy and mystery. Your unmistakably hot brittle voice and classic-sounding piano is supported by reduced drums and surfy mystical guitar. It shines through the band in the electronic club scene in Berlin is home.

#16 – Magic IslandMoved to Canada from Poland and finally arrived in Berlin, Magic Iceland represents one of the many exciting projects in Berlin Pop Underground. Influenced by a tight circle of other Berlin-based artists and friends, reflect on their pieces both complex and very simple everyday feelings and events Magic Islands environment – so, for example, the name of their project is inspired by a pub near her home in Neukölln.

#17 – Alice Phoebe Louthe singer / songwriter has developed their sound from blues and folk on the streets of Berlin, but nevertheless already attracted the attention of music lovers around the world – thanks to her honest way to tell stories, and mainly because of their rough, beautiful voice.

#18 – BenneFinal inspired with a life from browsing history! The Berlin-based singer-songwriter summons on his new album “All along the way,” Community and feeling. What remains today of love, if genuine feeling has coagulated into a heart-Emoji? How to fight the desire to utilize every second of his life in social media? Likes instead of love – not with Benne!

listen to berlin 16/17A project of the Berlin Music Commission in cooperation with Paradise Distribution and kindly supported by HiFi im Hinterhof, Tip Berlin and Zitty Berlin.

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