Coming Soon: New 4K Home Cinema Projectors From SONY

Real cinema feeling in your home four walls? In the world of home cinema projection a lot has happened once again and now SONY offers native 4K beamers. The new series of UltraHD HDR 3D beamers convinces with its high-resolution images from the small VPL-VW270ES to the medium VPL-VW570ES to the flagship VPL-VW870ES.

SONY has made sure that the new projector models have the most possible functions under one roof. So it’s not surprising that gaming and entertainment play an important role alongside the focus on movie enjoyment.

But first of all about the light source and its performance, because that’s where the different models differ. While the two smaller VPL-VW270ES and VPL-VW570ES are each equipped with a mercury lamp with up to 1,500 lumens, the spearhead of the series, the VPL-VW870ES, has a hybrid laser light source with a full 2,200 lumens. The laser light source is renowned for its long life and also has pixel-precise control, taking image sharpness to a whole new level. Even towards the edge of the screen, the sharpness does not decrease.

All projectors have 4K Motionflow in common. This is the intermediate image calculation to increase the sharpness of moving images. Especially in the gaming area, fast motion sequences are displayed in a particularly impressive way, but films also amaze with more details and less jerking. The functionality is guaranteed both in 2K and for the first time at full 4K resolution.

A great improvement over the previous models are the HDMI inputs, which support the full bandwidth of 18 Gbps. Of course, this is also an important prerequisite for playing 4K/HDR content – HDR10 and Hybrid Log Gamma are therefore child’s play for the projectors. Another advantage is that the large VPL-VW870ES reproduces the DCI P3 color space and thus brings particularly realistic colors to the home cinema.

Flexibility is a top priority with the projectors. The front fan on one side and a particularly large zoom/lens shift range on the other side allow the projector to be set up very freely. With the VPL-VW570ES and the VPL-VW870ES, you also get the extremely convenient LensMemory function. This allows the image to be saved and recalled at any time at the touch of a button.

Concluding Thoughts

The two smaller models VPL-VW270ES and VPL-VW570ES will arrive in our demonstration in October. The large VPL-VW870ES is expected to arrive in mid-November.

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