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Video: Roon Software HiFi Streaming

It's been a while since we wrote an article about Roon's software. Some things have changed on the interface since then. In the meantime, Roon has released two music servers (the Nucleus and Nucleus+). In our current video, we want to introduce the complete service in a little more detail. However, this only serves as a general overview, Roon is so extensive that we cannot present it in its entirety in a short video. So feel free to come to our store for a consultation. But now have fun with the video!  

Video: Presenting Mark Levinson’s No. 5105, No. 5302 & No. 5206

We're particularly excited to have completed our range of Mark Levinson models. A brand new addition is turntable No. 5105, which we have already reviewed in detail elsewhere. We also added the No. 5302 amplifiers and the No. 5206 preamplifier (here's an overview of these high-fidelity models). Mark Levinson is known for being one of the few manufacturers who succeed in combining the digital and analog worlds. This ensemble of models already shows that. But now enough, we hope you enjoy our video!

Just In: The JBL 4349 From Northridge, California

Here in Berlin-Kreuzberg, the goods usually come in like hotcakes. However, we at the blog usually only get half of it. Instead, we're told which new devices and innovations in entertainment technology are currently being discussed. To counteract this and to bring the worlds of HiFi I'm Hinterhof closer together — and, above all, to give you our customers a little insight — we have documented the first opening of the JBL 4349 in today's article.