Rooftop Photo Shoot

At great heights: Last month we brought a selection of various models from the HiFi, Home Cinema, Television, and Headphone sectors into a roof truss that is currently being expanded. We wanted to photograph the devices in front of the impressive backdrop of Berlin. Unfortunately, the weather was not as nice as we had hoped. Nevertheless, the pictures have become quite chic and who looks exactly can also see the television tower.


Our Big Screen TV Studios

It is above all the details that make the new Samsung TV models so interesting. Especially in terms of viewing angle dependency, Samsung has made a big leap forward. We are looking forward to the new models that will arrive in our TV studio in the coming weeks. You can already take a look at the large Q950R.

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Video: Our Loudspeaker From JBL

JBL has manufactured audio systems since the 1940s. Of course, the speakers of the American proportions should not be missing in our range. Jochen gives an overview of the traditional-style maker and the models that we have added to our collection in this German-language video.

The Soundbars In Our TV Showrooms

A sound bar is an ideal complement to the television. It takes up little space and at the same time brings room-filling home cinema sound into the living area by improving the sound image of the television. In just one slim unit, many speakers for a multi-channel system are combined — sometimes with an external subwoofer, but sometimes this is already integrated. In our TV studios in Berlin-Kreuzberg, we present a wide range of different soundbars that are ready for demonstration at any time. Here you can listen to the models in a great atmosphere.

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