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Sonos Era 100 & 300: Bluetooth Loudspeakers Of A New Era At HiFi

Sonos has introduced a new generation of wireless speakers with 3D sound and Bluetooth. These products expand the company's portfolio and offer our clientele a wider choice of high-quality speakers for use in different environments and applications. While the Sonos Era 100 is the new edition of the popular Sonos One, the Sonos Era 300 is expected to play a significant role in developing 3D audio with Dolby Atmos. Have a read of our overview.

Cavus Stands Now At HiFi im Hinterhof

Whether it's chic ceiling mounts, wall mounts, or elegant stands when it comes to Cavus, you'll be spoilt by their range of aesthetically sophisticated products which open up endless possibilities when it comes to setting up your TV, Sonos Soundbar, or even individual speakers in a way that not only looks great but produces brilliant sound.