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Video: Cleaning Your Vinyl With Smart Matrix

In our latest YouTube video, we look at how to take your pleasure from your vinyl collection to the next level.  Using the new Clearaudio's Smart Matrix SILENT record washing machine, Robert not only shows how to lengthen the lifespan of your black beauties but also how significantly increase their sound quality. Hope you enjoy the video!

Video: IsoTek’s V5 Aquarius & EVO3 Syncro Uni Clean Power Vision

Here's a new video from the head of our HiFi Team, Robert, introducing an often-neglected subject of energy-handling in entertainment devices. With the help of products from the iconic IsoTek, we'd like to give you an insight into the possibilities of mains filter usage. We hope you enjoy the video, and — as always — feel welcome to come into our retail store in Berlin-Kreuzberg for any queries you may wish to discuss in person.

Video: NAD Streaming Integrated amplifiers M10 V2 & C700

In this video, our team member Alex introduces the M10 V2 BluOS® streaming integrated amplifier with Dolby Digital decoder, as well as its little sibling the new C700 from NAD. Have fun watching learning more about the features and applications of both devices.