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A Warranty Or A Guarantee? What To Keep In Mind

Now and then, a product has a defect or doesn't function as it should. We've all experienced that disappointment. But what can be done? Does it fall under a guarantee, or is the warranty applicable? What's the difference between the two? As merchants, this topic comes up often as serving our customers fairly is paramount to us.

Video: Meet LG’s 4K OLED C29 TV

Let Paul from our TV Team introduce you to the new OLED C29 from LG in this video. In a compact format and with Dolby Vision 4K at 120 Hz, it's a treat for video game enthusiasts.     

Video: Cleaning Your Vinyl With Smart Matrix

In our latest YouTube video, we look at how to take your pleasure from your vinyl collection to the next level.  Using the new Clearaudio's Smart Matrix SILENT record washing machine, Robert not only shows how to lengthen the lifespan of your black beauties but also how significantly increase their sound quality. Hope you enjoy the video!