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Denon AVC-X6800H promotion extended! Exclusive Dirac calibration included

Due to the exceptionally positive feedback, we have decided to extend our Denon AVC-X6800H promotion indefinitely! Now you have the opportunity to order the 8K AV amplifier and exclusively receive the Dirac calibration worth 380 euros for FREE! And here's something else: Experience the perfect combination with the AVC-X6800H and the Sonetto speakers from Sonus faber in our newly upgraded home cinema. The Sonetto series - in our cinema, it's the Sonetto III floorstanding speakers and the Sonetto Center I along with Sonetto Wall and the Subwoofer Gravis III - offers an excellent balance between precision and dynamics, making them ideal for home theaters. Visit us - here you can hear, see, feel and convince yourself.

Video: Calibrating The LG OLED65G19LA TV

In our latest video, our colleague Peer introduces the LG Evo TV. The TV has been on the market for a while, but it is still exciting. The second part is about the calibration of the model, which we are happy to do for you when you buy a new TV. You can see exactly how much the picture quality differs before and after calibration in a comparison. (By the way, we have also made a video about calibration, which you can watch at this link). You can find more LG models in our online store.