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HiFi & Bluetooth: High-Tech Ambitions Of Quality?

Bluetooth has nothing to do with HiFi, let alone "High End"? What has already changed in this regard and should change in the future and what Apple has to do with it — that's what the following article is about. In the past, we have already published a detailed guide on Bluetooth on our blog. So we don't want to deal with the basics in this post but rather with individual innovations and various outlooks in this exciting field of music enjoyment.

Dali Katch G2: Quality Dali Sound On The Go

Fitting for the hottest time of the year, the mobile HiFi solution of the Danish manufacturer comes in a new revised design. The first version of the Dali Katch was already convincing, especially in terms of sound. It so happens that Dali uses both the same driver and amplifier in the Katch G2 as in the previous model. The new 5.0 Bluetooth standard (aptX-HD) and 25% more battery power allow even longer audiophile summer days outdoors. Available in Iron Black, Caramel White, and Chilly Blue, it also sets many a colorful accent.