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Lehmann Audio Black Cube

Phono pre-amp made by Lehmann Audio - Cult!
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The Lehmannaudio Black Cube phono stage is compatible with practically any available cartridges on the market; From high-output MM to the lowest output MC cartridges. Apart from the standard switch settings, there is one onboard slot that can be fitted with a custom impedance to supply perfect termination even for the most exotic cartridges. Since 2006 there is a separate hard-wire custom impedance slot that needs no DIP-switch to be activated. Customisation possibilities are infinite. No more need for expensive impedance plugs!

The newly developed input stages used in the Black Cube can also be found in top notch mixing consoles or in well-known professional microphone pre-amps. The entirely passive RIAA equalization network is realized with high precision MKP capacitors. All resistors are low noise metal film. The switches for gain and load settings have gold plated connectors.
Black Cube Circuit

Because of its small outer dimensions the Black Cube can be placed next to the turntable. This minimizes signal loss due to cable lengths. The low-noise regulated external power supply connects with Neutrik XLR connectors to the dedicated DC power supply.

Lehmannaudio pays special attention to details: The cable between power supply and audio section is shielded. The cases of both the power supply and the audio section are made of non-magnetic materials (aluminium), and the case of the audio section is even equipped with a top cover coated with special anti-resonance treatment.

Daniel Dimitrov

We have a comprehensive selection of Lehmann Audio devices available for demonstration in our HiFi studios in Berlin-Kreuzberg. We look forward to your visit!

Gain at 1kHz: 36dB, 46dB, 56dB, 66dB selectable
Signal to noise ratio: 78db - 66dB depending on selected gain
Input capacitance: 100pF

Input impedances: 47 kOhm, 1k Ohm, 100 Ohm switchable underneath the unit, 1 slot for a custom load, additional hard wire slot
Output impedance: <100 Ohm

RIAA ?lter: passive equalization between two linear gain stages 
Soft Bass Rolloff: 6dB/oct. @60Hz jumper activated

Interchannel mismatch: typ. 0,5dB
Power consumption: <3W with external regulated power supply (2x15V DC)

audio section (w x d x h) 113 x 108 x 45mm

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