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DSPeaker Anti-Mode 8033 s-II

Automatic Subwoofer Equalizer for Bass Adjustment
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A typical listening room resonates in low frequencies. Because of this, even the best subwoofer may not sound good enough. Much of the audio content get masked by the resonances, introducing unwanted characteristics (such as "slowness" and "boominess") to the sound. This problem is most pronounced when subwoofer is placed close to walls or corners of the room.

The Golden Ear awarded Anti-Mode™ technology eliminates the resonances of the speaker and the room by equalizing both amplitude and time domain responses using very accurate digital signal processing filter structures and anti-phasing technology. This way, the listener can hear frequencies down to the cut-off frequency of the subwoofer. Transient response is also drastically improved in the process, making bass sound faster and more controlled.

Anti-Mode™ 8033 is very simple to use. The calibration process is completely automatic: it generates frequency sweeps to the desired calibration point (or multiple points) and measures the combined transfer function of the subwoofer-room system.

Anti-Mode™ 8033 uses regular RCA connectors, which can be found from vast majority of home theater equipment. Input to the device is taken from the line level subwoofer output of the (pre-)amplifier. Output is connected to the line level input of the subwoofer.

Johannes Jurkat

We have a selected range of DSPeaker devices available for demonstration in our HiFi and home cinema studios in Berlin-Kreuzberg. We look forward to your visit!


  • Measures and corrects the combined frequency response of your subwoofer system and the listening room
  • User-friendly automatic calibration procedure
  • Can be used with any active subwoofer
  • Minimum phase filtering, no significant algorithm delay
  • Correction range 16-144 Hz
  • Three user-selectable additional equalization filters
  • Single or multiple measurement point calibration
  • Measurement microphone is included
  • Ultra-compact enclosure: 126 mm x 80 mm x 28 mm (5" x 3.2"  x 1.1")
  • Low power consumption: 1.5 W
  • RoHS directive compliant
  • LED color: Blue
  • Input Connectors: 2xRCA (dual)
  • Output Connectors: 2xRCA (normal, inverted)
  • RCA Type: Extruding gold-plated Recessed
  • Supply Voltage: 9VAC / 12VDC, quiet start
  • Amplification: 3.0dB
  • Frequency Range: 5 - 250Hz
  • Dynamic Ratio (un-weighted): >92dB
  • Correction Range: 16 - 250 Hz
  • Anti-Mode Filters: 36
  • Lift Modes: 20Hz, 25Hz, 30Hz
  • Additional Filters: 5 low-pass and 2 dipole correction modes
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