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Stax SRM-T8000

Hybrid Driver Unit (Amplifier) for Electrostatic STAX Headphones
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Low-noise, well-established 6922 dual triode tube adopted for high sound quality

The noise level is extremely low and, by just that much, the particle of low-level sound usually buried in noise comes up to the surface. Then even the usual level sound clears up to improve sound quality such as transparency. It seems as if the glass which superficially looks transparent has been cleaned anew. The whole circuit forms a hybrid one using class-A semiconductor output stage with large current emitter follower. The result is very low noise, live and smooth musical sound as well as excellent spatial description.

  • Balanced inputs realizing true tone quality of balanced transmission.
  • Coupling capacitor-free configuration from input to output.
  • The vacuum tube of the first stage is mounted on an independent board in order to eliminate vibration and external noise. Further, noises have been excluded thoroughly by vibration-proof damper and vacuum tube shield cover used also for a hard disk etc.
  • The first large-sized toroidal transformer in the history of STAX driver unit has been adopted to attain low noise and low leakage flux. This also enables the reproduction of high-speed and live sound over the entire frequency region.
  • The chassis is made of non-magnetic aluminum instead of conventional iron. Thus the factor of cloudy tone quality has been eliminated and the weight has become lighter at the same time.
  • Four pairs of inputs are equipped. (Notes: LINE4 is an optional circuit board slot for future purpose. As for now, release is not yet determined.)
  • LINE1, LINE2 or LINE3 inputs of the SRM-T8000 can bypass the incorporated volume controller, enabling it to connect to source equipments with volume controller or to an external attenuator. That is, the unit can be used as an exclusive power amplifier with no volume controller.
  • The newly developed large-sized aluminum insulator combined with new vibration-proof material and high frictional coefficient (grip power) has been employed. The friction power is so high that you almost need not hold the unit when inserting the plug of your earspeaker.
  • Various high-grade electronic parts have been employed paying careful attention to tone quality, performance and environments.
  • Compatible with all STAX PRO-bias earspeakers with 5-pin plug.
  • LINE1 is equipped with PARALLEL OUT bypassing input signals.


Daniel Dimitrov

We have a comprehensive selection of Stax devices available for demonstration in our HiFi and headphone studios in Berlin-Kreuzberg. We look forward to your visit!

Frequency response:
Harmonic distortion:
Input terminal:
Rated input level:
Input impedance:
Maximum output voltage:
Mains voltage:
Power consumption:
Operating temperature:
1Hz – 115kHz / when used with one earspeaker
60dB (x1000)
0.01% /1kHz
LINE1/LINE2 (RCA), LINE3 (XLR), LINE4 (optional input for future)
100mV (at 100V output)
50kOhm (RCA) / 50kOhm x 2 (XLR)
470Vrms (1330V p-p)
AC120V/AC220/AC230/AC240, 50/60Hz (depending on your country’s voltage)
0 to 35 degrees C (less than 90% humidity, non condensing)
320 (W) x103 (H) x395 (D) mm (protruding portion included)
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