We’re here for you in English!

Perhaps some of you have noticed already, particulary those of you who make up our international clientele that our webshop www.hifi-berlin.com has been made available in English as well as German language. Moreover we have began publishing our newsletters in both English and German. Subsribers to our newsletter who register from the English site will recieve the newsletter in English. To insure the future of a bilingual HiFi im Hinterhof, our Australian collegue Rosalie Delaney, will continue to attend to all queries on the subject of translation. In tune with our already English-titled blog „HiFi & Friends“ expect to be able to enjoy the opportunity to stay up to date with our articles on the latest Hifi News in English.

We thank Rosalie, and look forward to all future engagement with our site from international visitors! And please spread the word!

Your HiFi im Hinterhof Team



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