Video: Uploading An apk File On Your Mobile High-Res Player

Today we're doing things a little differently. In a short German-language video, we want to show how you can upload apk files to your Mobile High-Res Player. This applies to programs such as Tidal. Watch the video, and read on to learn more!

Let’s stay with the example of Tidal: In the meantime, only Tidal Connect is available for your mobile devices. Older players, on which you cannot install the program manually (but where you have obtained it via the respective app store), have their problems. In concrete terms, this means that if the app is integrated and not installed, you will probably no longer be able to use Tidal. This applies to the older models from Astell and Kern, for example, one of which we use in the video.

In itself, the installation is quite simple and can be done within a few minutes. To make the procedure as smooth as possible for you, we have explained the process concisely in the video. By the way, “apk” is the abbreviation for Android Package. This is the file format of the Android application package, which is used by the Android operating system. A whole range of Android-based operating systems also accesses it for the use of mobile apps — like in our video.

Since all streaming providers now have the ambition to be operated in their own app, the video should also not only be helpful if you use Tidal but will also be valid for other applications. That manufacturers have an interest in being played in the manufacturer app is also logical. This is to avoid that many different people play their music via one account.


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