Video: Stars Of Vinyl Featuring Different Turntables & Phono Preamps

Armin Kern led one of our workshops at the HiFi & Friends Expo 2020 from Pro-Ject. The focus was on three turntables and two phono preamps. Unfortunately, we're unable to demonstrate how to play music — but we can show you the basics of the different models.

Kern presented the three very different turntables: The Pro-Ject RPM 10, Tien Nephrite and the Signature 10, also from Pro-Ject. These models were connected with the phono preamplifiers Pro-Ject Tube Box DS2 and Suzur from Blue Amp. Used in combination with devices from Mark Levinson and the JBL Everest DD6700 loudspeakers, wonderous sounds were enjoyed. We were able to take the presentation with us and hope you find the video both inspiring and informative. Enjoy the bonus detailing on the functionality of records!

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