Touch Down: The Bowers & Wilkins 700 Signature Series

The Bowers & Wilkins hallmark has really taken us to the next level with the 705 Signature Compact speakers, and the 702 Signature Floorstanding speakers.

The two new top models come in Datuk Gloss ⁠— a dark wood tone with a glossy finish. Since wood grain is never identical, each speaker is unique. Surrounding the woofer/midrange driver are light silver-coloured metal decorative rings, and a silver cow encasing the tweeter grill. The ‘Signature’ logo is marked on the rear of the speakers.

Die Plakette des Bowers & Wilkins 702 Signature

These loudspeakers are a further example of B&W’s iconic approach drawn upon the excellence of the older series. These models are the product of year’s of experience based on the 2017 release. There are improvements to be heard! They’re based — as you would expect from the manufacturer — on exclusive components, combined with the latest audio technology. The result is an outstanding sound level quality.

The smaller version is a 2-way compact loudspeaker with a bass reflex system. the bigger model, the 3-way floorstanding loudspeaker, also has the bass reflex system. Both are equipped with Carbon Dome tweeters. The tweeter’s front consists of a 30-micron thick aluminium dome and the rear are equipped with a 300-micron thin carbon ring. The Carbon Dome is a combination of the double-layered aluminium dome of the 600 Series and the Diamond dome of the 800 Diamond Series.

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