Tidal & Tidal Connect Current Update

If you use Tidal, you have surely noticed that there have been some changes lately. Specifically, this means that there is now only Tidal Connect. This is interesting for those who use older digital audio players, on which Tidal was preinstalled and did not have to be installed manually. Those who own the Astell & Kern KANN, for example, will no longer be able to use Tidal, as the app was integrated there from the start.

Now you might wonder why this is the case. The answer to this is simple: By now, almost all streaming providers have the ambition to be operated in their own app. This means that users have to manually download the app and install it on their devices. This way, it is exclusively operated via this app and it is avoided that one account is used by many different people. It is foreseeable that this will gradually affect all streaming providers.

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