The VnX Black Horizon Bright TV: The Motorized Projector For Your Home Cinema

If you don't happen to have a perfect home cinema in a basement or darkroom, it won't be easy always to see the image on the screen well, especially now when the sun is shining into your living room. The VnX Black Horizon screen can help. Thanks to its brightness, it is ideal for bright rooms—everything else about the model below.

Let’s take a look at the screen’s design first. Already known should be the VnX Black Horizon, THE ORIGINAL screen, so to speak, the older brother of the new model. Here, differences are already visually apparent because the new screen (whose full name, by the way, is VnX Black Horizon Bright TV and thus already refers to the brightness in the name) has a white housing with front drop unwinding. This serves to ensure that the screen is flush against the wall. This is supported by a white tension system and a weight bar. The all-white design emphasizes the living room use.

Now we’ve already said so much about the brightness; we also have to look at what’s behind it. Compared to the predecessor, the Grain value has been increased to 1.2 here. This leads to increased brightness values and razor-sharp colors. Of course, this has a positive effect on all movies and programs; wildly colorful scenes benefit from it. On the other hand, the black levels of the motorized screen are also impressively good – both in daylight and artificial light. The minimization of stray light also goes hand in hand with this. Though, it should be mentioned that the viewing angle is somewhat limited.

If you are looking for a borderless, motorized screen that shows excellent images in the cinema room and the living room, the Black Horizon Bright TV from VnX is the right choice.

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