Magic Promise: Marantz’s Model 30 Integrated Amplifier & SACD 30n Network SACD Player

Last but not least, the new Model 30 integrated amplifier and the SACD 30n network SACD player, both from Marantz were presented at our HiFi and Friends Expo in September. We have uploaded the corresponding video with Rainer Finck on YouTube. But since we simply can't get enough of these devices, we've added a separate article about them here.

The new products in the Japanese manufacturer’s highly attractive 30 series are the first to come with a revised look, but they remain unmistakably Marantz. The design elements of the products, which have been developed over several years, refer to the legendary Marantz products of the 50s, 60s and 70s. For example, the unmistakable display is known as the “Bulls-Eye”, which was first introduced in 1959, still adorns the front of the Model 30 integrated amplifier. Both units can be dimmed and even switched off completely if necessary. The accentuated symmetry to the centre axis as well as the division into three sections have also been retained, whereby the use of different materials visually distinguishes the centre section. On the left and right, a polished metal surface with a waffle pattern decorates the front. The SACD 30n and Model 30 are optionally available in silver-gold and black.

Model 30 Vollverstärker

SACD 30n
With the SACD 30n, Marantz’s sound engineers put in hundreds of hours of careful sound tuning. Despite its new look, the network player does not lack the crystal-clear Marantz sound you are accustomed to.
The premium network SACD player features the SACDM-3L drive developed by Marantz, whose drawer is cleverly integrated into the display. In addition to excellent scanning precision when playing SACDs, CDs and music stored on other data carriers, the SACD 30n is also distinguished by its function as a network audio streamer. The network SACD player is equipped with Denon’s HEOS network module, which is capable of processing audio formats such as FLAC from 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz with a resolution of up to 24 bits, DSD 2.8 MHz and DSD 5.6 MHz, ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) as well as MP3. Thus, music can be enjoyed from numerous streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon Music HD and TIDAL or even your own digital music collection. The latter can also be played via a USB-B port with its own USB DAC even in high-resolution file formats up to 11.2 MHz (Quad DSD) and 384 kHz/32 bit (PCM). Marantz Musical Mastering (MMM), in turn, provides accurate analog output from all digital sources. PCM input signals within the player are projected to DSD (11.2 MHz). Instead of a conventional DAC, the generated high-frequency signal is then converted into the analog output signal by an MMM conversion stage.

Marantz SACD 30n (innen)

Model 30
Marantz’ integrated stereo amplifier combines two excellent devices in a single housing. The Model 30 consists of a preamplifier and a stereo power amplifier, both of which have a separate power supply due to their fully discrete, two-stage design. The circuit exclusively responsible for the preamplifier stage provides a stable power supply independent of the power demanded by the output stage. Marantz’s unique HDAM technology provides optimal signal purity and wider frequency response.
Where in recent years the vinyl has been back in high demand, the market is dividing into those who stream their music through various providers and those who do not want to do without the puristic sound of the vinyl. That is why the Model 30 also comes with an integrated phono preamplifier. The discrete phono stage is equipped with an input impedance selector that allows it to be optimally adapted to the requirements of different pickups. Matching this, the Model 30 provides the feel and feel of an analogue amplifier when adjusting the volume. As usual, Marantz uses extremely high-quality CD and phono inputs with low input sensitivity. The high output power of 100W + 100W into 8 ohms and 200W + 200W into 4 ohms provides the necessary firepower to reproduce even strong bass cleanly. All in all, the Model 30 is a good choice – not only for record fans.

Marantz Model 30

Marantz’ SACD 30n and Model 30 have been developed to the highest standards and are perfectly matched. True to the mission of brand founder Saul B. Marantz to bring the original recording as close as possible to the listener, they offer high-purity sound and finest resolution. Marantz premium products are designed for durability: When you buy them, you receive up to 5 years manufacturer’s warranty!

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