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Video: Presenting Mark Levinson’s No. 5105, No. 5302 & No. 5206

We're particularly excited to have completed our range of Mark Levinson models. A brand new addition is turntable No. 5105, which we have already reviewed in detail elsewhere. We also added the No. 5302 amplifiers and the No. 5206 preamplifier (here's an overview of these high-fidelity models). Mark Levinson is known for being one of the few manufacturers who succeed in combining the digital and analog worlds. This ensemble of models already shows that. But now enough, we hope you enjoy our video!

Coming Soon: Hegel’s V10 Phono Preamp

Hegel is best known for its high-quality integrated amplifiers, which also feature streaming functions. Last fall, we already wrote an article about those same integrated amplifiers, a D/A converter, and a CD player from Hegel. Now we are pleased to announce that yet another model has joined the ranks of the top devices: The V10 phono preamplifier. In the following, we will take a look at it.

Our Classé Audio YouTube Explainer

We could hardly wait for the latest drop from Classé Audio. We were lucky enough to have Roland Krüger from Sound United in our presence. In our German-language video, Krüge introduces the preamplifier Delta PRE, and the power amplifiers Delta MONO. A highlight, in any case, is that all units switch on and off together and even dim together. All relevant information about the technical data can be found in the video.