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Coming Soon: Top Sound From Loewe’s klang bar5 mr

Back in the spring, Loewe announced their new audio products were coming with DTS Play-Fi. Now Loewe is boasting about the Dolby Atmos Soundbar. The klang bar5 mr integrates perfectly with the manufacturer's Multiroom system (what the "mr" stands for) and processes audio signals with 5.1.2 audio tracks. Let's have a closer look.

Video: SVS SB-3000 Micro Subwoofer Introduction

We've put the SB-3000 Micro from SVS to the test and are therefore happy to present the subwoofer in a German-language video. Our teammate Alex discusses the advantages of the small powerhouse compares it with its larger rivals and introduces the associated App. We also recently reviewed the woofer in a blog post. However, if you prefer a larger subwoofer, you can find more models from SVS in our online store.

Deep Tones Without Deep Pockets: The SVS 1000-Pro Series

At the end of February, a revised version of the 1000 subwoofer series of the manufacturer SVS appears with the models SB-1000-Pro and PB-1000-Pro of the 1000-Pro series. Anyone who wants "real" cinema sound for the home, i.e. not only wants to hear the bass, but also feel it, is well advised to use a subwoofer. A woofer is just as excellent for reproducing the lower frequencies of all styles of music. With the help of a designated bass speaker, any audiophile setup can be rounded off in this way, making the listening experience even more rousing.

KEF’s KC62 Shows That Size Doesn’t Matter

The British manufacturer KEF already caused quite a stir at the beginning of the year with the presentation of new driver technology. This technology, known as Uni-Core, is used for the first time in the compact KC62 subwoofer. Let us introduce you...

Online Home Cinema Special at HiFi im Hinterhof From November 4 – 8

As November approaches, all things home cinema start to catch our eyes. Autumn is when you want to feel cosy indoors, and it doesn’t get better than being curled up with a movie. Precisely why we put together our specialized home cinema extravaganza this time of year! Given this year's limitations, we've been forced to think outside the box. We invite you to check out our Online Home Cinema Special.

Incredibly Enticing: The Revox STUDIOART S100 Soundbar

The iconic Swiss manufacturer is back in action! We are smitten to be able to welcome a Soundbar from Revox to our range. The STUDIOART Series comprises of an impressive sound system that brings the studio sound to your own four walls. The S100 Soundbar is a peice of essential equipment that can be expanded with the STUDIOART B100 subwoofer and the active and passive STUDIOART A100 and P100 speakers.