Stereo Set-Ups: Our Favourites from €2,000 to €10,000

Part two of our thoughts on your stereo investments:

If you’re thinking that a compact system may not be enough for you — perhaps your living room is large or sometimes you need a that extra high volume, or that you simply want everything to sound better — then let us give you the low down on some current highlights across four price categories.

Fully-equipped package for €1,900

KEF iQ90 (€998), Denon PMA / DCD / DNP 720 together for €890, 2x high quality RCA cable to each €26 (AudioQuest ‘Evergreen’), Chord Carnival 2x3m speaker cables ready-to-use at €70.

Our ‘Evergreen’: As before, a real highlight, especially when in close quaters of the pop /rock music areas The Denon components are in excellent workmanship and are controlled via a very good universal remote control and FM, CD, iPod /iPad, & Streaming Internet Radio. A turntable can be connected directly.

Price to performance ratio: Excellent!

Kleines Kraftpaket: Der Denon PMA-720AE

A price/performance beauty: the Denon PMA-720AE

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