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Video: SVS SB-3000 Micro Subwoofer Introduction

We've put the SB-3000 Micro from SVS to the test and are therefore happy to present the subwoofer in a German-language video. Our teammate Alex discusses the advantages of the small powerhouse compares it with its larger rivals and introduces the associated App. We also recently reviewed the woofer in a blog post. However, if you prefer a larger subwoofer, you can find more models from SVS in our online store.

Danish Sound Art For Every Occasion: DALI’s Opticon MK2 Series

We can hardly wait for the delivery of the new passive loudspeakers from DALI. The Opticon MK2 series comprises two compact loudspeakers the Opticon 1 MK2 and the Opticon 2 MK2, the floorstanding loudspeakers Opticon 6 MK2 and Opticon 8 MK2, as well as the centre channel speakers Opticon LCR MK2 and last but not least the Opticon Vokal MK2.

Active and Passive Loudspeakers – An Overview

In the Hi-Fi world, there are a whole range of issues that are not exhausted even after decades even of discussion. One of these fundamental issues revolves around the pros and cons of active speakers to a combination of external power amplifiers and passive speakers. Usually in the debate mainly technical arguments are exchanged and we will examine this aspect, but also want to give some thought about "changes in user behavior" and attach the possible consequences.

Genelec Tour: Play It Again Sam! On 24th of April from 4pm

Yet another event for April: On Friday 22nd April 2016 Marcel Schechter from Audio Export and Tomi Hassinen Genelec will be presenting us with the latest SAM models of Finnish active speaker specialists and will be demonstrating the potential for calibration- and optimization of the home system GLM.