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Sony VPL-HW40ES released

Sony has officially released the Sony VPL-HW40, bringing a smaller version of the VPL-HW55 into the range. This compact mid-range projector from the Japanese brand is an ambitious piece, entering the world-class range of the SXRD projection – it is essentially based on the VPL-HW55, the VPL-HW40 also dominates its competitors with the exclusive Reality Creation resolution technology. However it still doesn't quite match the HW55 in dark scenes and does not include 3D glasses with less available precision available to calibrate the projector on a specific colour spectrum as you have with the HW55. Although worth a mention is that overall the two machines are comparable because the HW40 uses the exact same chassis as the HW55. So what Sony has done is ease the barrier by creating a machine at an entry-level price point with SXRD, a much higher level of cutting professional projector technology. So, here we have the VPL-HW40: quiet, sharp, bright and flexible. It has everything exciting in current state-of-the-art visual projection technology. It's a fantastic choice for ambitious beginners and intermediates, especially those with brighter viewing environments and for those who are not in the position to take on the jump in price to the HW55. Now available in our online shop.