Subwoofer Trendsetter: SVS SB-3000 MICRO

Just under a month after we have already presented the two subwoofers SB-1000 Pro and PB-1000 Pro in our blog, the next highlight of the manufacturer SVS follows in the form of the SB-3000 MICRO.

After a first look at the closed active subwoofer, the first thing that catches the eye is its overall quite compact shape. It has an edge length of less than 30 cm and thus already shows that the name says it all. However, it is no less impressive! After the first notes played, it quickly becomes clear that one should not be deceived by the size of the woofer. With an average power of 800 watts (RMS), it convinces two 8-inch drivers with the full performance for which the 3000 series of SVS is already known.

As noted in our last SVS article, the manufacturer has spared no effort and developed its own app for convenient calibration and control of its bass cubes. Thus, the SB-3000 MICRO can also be easily controlled remotely via cell phone using the application of the same name.

The SB-3000 MICRO will be available in the cabinet versions Piano Gloss Black and Piano Gloss White.


The reduction of the enclosure size is reminiscent of KEF’s KC62, which was also recently introduced and is even slightly smaller. It shows that there is an increasing trend on the subwoofer market towards lifestyle-oriented woofer solutions that deliver a decent sound despite their small dimensions. We are curious to see which manufacturers will also jump on this bandwagon and what new technology we can also expect. With the SB-3000 MICRO from SVS, we are already sure that it will set new standards in the field of living room integration.

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