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We at HiFi im Hinterhof will not only advise you in choosing the best possible products in the consumer electronics, but also in how you can store and use your device elegantly. In our assortment are next to producers like Spectral, Schnepel and other well selected TV cabinet of SONOROUS that we want to present you like.

SONOROUS: Links die Modelle EX12-TS und EX20-D und rechts das Möbel EX11-FD

About our SONOROUS Selection

In our demonstration we present the equipment EX11-FD, EX12TS and EX20-D from the element series imitation wood with holder system for your TV. The lowboards are either two adjustable feet or a base and include a rotatable TV mount, which can optically disappear your cables in furniture. DC at first glance falls on the successful processing of the shelves.
Of course, your electronics such as a Blu-Ray player accommodate ideal in furniture. Both the drawers, and the folding doors open via a pressure lock. The flaps have a rope clamping with dampers, which underlines the stable mechanism of the shelves.

Cleveres Design: Die Seilspanntechnik mit Dämpfer beim EX11-FD

The signal of a remote control while not sending the fronts, but you will find universal solutions. The advantage of Lowboard EX12-TS, in which you can accommodate, for example, a Soundbar, located in the covering of the front. To enjoy even with furniture closed an excellent sound quality and can make your equipment stowed easily control with a remote control.
Since the rear walls of the shelves are partially open or have holes, your devices are ventilated. If you want, for example, accommodate an AV receiver in your furniture, we recommend the integration of a slowly rotating fan, which can be connected via the trigger input of the receiver.
For you interesting to know is that the packaging of SONOROUS furniture is of good quality, what a comfortable delivery guaranteed. All equipment and accessories from the SONOROUS catalog You can also purchase from us. We are happy to provide with you a custom variant that is tailored to your needs. The various furniture are wonderfully combined.

SONOROUS EX12-TS in Kombination mit dem EX20-D aus unserer Vorführung

We would like to point out that the color pattern of the models differ. In our shop we can help you with our colour sample case find the right colour.

We are happy when we welcome you and to show you the models.

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