Something For Everyone: The Custom Family from Beyerdynamic

Beyerdynamic is one of the best known and most popular manufacturers of high-end audio technology. One reason is probably that the Heilbronn firm aims to create something for every taste. That is evident in the new Custom series. It consists of three first-class headphones that lead the way in the fields of hobby, monitoring and gaming. Let's take a look!

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro PLUS

The Custom One Pro PLUS is a closed over-ear headphone with a metal headband whose greatest strength is its individuality. It shows in many different facets. One of the most important features is the possibility to create a sound profile via a so-called Sound Slider, which can be variably adjusted depending on the music direction and personal preferences. A total of four settings determine the clarity or business of the sound.

Finally, the Custom One Pro PLUS comes with two connection cables. The flexible spiral cable has a length of 1.5 m, the other is 1.3 m long and has a microphone in addition to the 1-button remote control. It can be used to answer calls and control playback. Also included are a 6.35mm jack adapter and 16 PVC design covers. Together with the possibility to modulate the headphones through the ear and head cushions, the reason behind the name Custom One Pro PLUS also arises: everybody can customize the headphones individually as they would most like.

Beyerdynamic Custom Studio

With Custom Studio, Beyerdynamic has created the reference model in the series. The closed headphone is especially suitable for monitoring purposes. For longer recording sessions in the studio and the mastering of music, it is the ideal companion dar. Like the Custom One Pro PLUS, the Custom Studio is an interactive headphone, where the sound can be individually adjusted, from powerful bass to linear playback. Especially in the studio, these features are essential. The connection cable of the recording headphone is available in different versions and lengths so that it can be tailored precisely to your needs. A jack adapter is mandatory.

The last highlight of these headphones is the system of variable noise suppression mentioned. There are no batteries needed. Nevertheless, the monitor listener naturally isolates the surrounding noise and ensures that the crosstalk, which can happen during recording, is prevented.

Beyerdynamic Custom Game

The last in the bunch is the custom game headphones. This closed system is a stereo gaming headset. The sound sliders should not be missing in the model, which completes the family. Also, a customizable design like the Custom One Pro PLUS, although not quite as wide, is also indicative of these headphones. Because he is often worn for several hours, Beyerdynamic has made sure to make the ear pads very soft.

The unique selling point of the Custom Game is, on the one hand, the integrated cable remote control, which is suitable for console and PC, as well as the microphone capsule. The microphone has a popper guard that limits ambient noise and allows flexible and precise positioning. It is controlled by the wired remote control. This also regulates the volume. Also with this model cable, including headset, pluggable and a 6.35 mm jack adapter is enclosed. The special bonus is the 1.5 m Y extension cable, with which one is prepared for every situation and enjoys the free device choice.


Whether you’re into music on a casual basis, professionally mixing or enjoying the full range of gaming fun, the Beyerdynamic Custom series has created three headphones that have something for everyone. In our headphone studio, the models are ready to get to know.

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