Short on space, on a budget – but high demands on audio?

Buying compact HiFi at a budget-friendly price doesn't preclude getting great value for money! Generally we reccomend smaller units for smaller spaces -- a combination that works very well! However with smaller sets the price/performance ratio is still excellent with selected mini-systems, particularly the electronics of many small models stand out with top-quality processing, operation features and performance. When choosing the set as always, tastes vary. We have some exceptionally well-harmonised combinations here – of course there are further possible combinations which we can gladly discuss on a case-by-case basis with you.

Top Configurations: Optical digital in-puts for television connections, DAB+ digital broadcasting, FM, USB plus iPod compatibility and, in the top-ranges, even internet radio and streaming. Such high-class features that you rarely find across larger sets though they could now be considered standard across selected mini-systems.

Performance: In the age of digital amplifiers and Class-D technology, the compactness of a system doesn’t say a great deal about its performance. Because digital power amplifiers of other requirements are set-out just classic transistor power amplifiers, it is particularly important to combine the systems and the speakers just in some digital amplifiers.

Accompanying Speakers: Lately the included speaker sets are a distinguishing feature that set themselves from the rest of the pack. Often, a significant contributing element to the price of your investment is the production of electronics, consequently the speakers are often the weakest link. Therefore, it is always advisable to compare the supplied boxes with included speakers. It would be a shame to devalue your investment with a poor speakers.

The Add-Ons & Speakers:

The Denon DRA-F109 receiver a €239 provides true value for money – particularly if you only need the CD player DCD-F109, or the non-network player DNP-F109. Seeing as it’s comprised of individual components, the 109 can be optimised to your needs. A special highlight is the particularly good set of SC-F 109 compact speakers, which were developed in collaboration with a German engineering firm especially with a price to performance ratio in mind. At €160 a pair, we wouldn’t recommend any other speakers — especially as the Denon system harmonises particularly well with a pre-set equalizer with the speakers in the package. As an upgrade, the KEF Q100 at just €498 gives you dynamic resolutions and clearer sound.

Marantz MCR-610: Equipped with four levels to house the Marantz Melody MCR-610, it’s really a machine that impresses on many aspects. Music aficionados will appreciate the bi-amp circuit which is exceptional for a system of this price and size. Even additional large floor-standing speakers can be excellent to operate. Multi-room sympathizers operate two more boxes and self-sufficient control over the Marantz App directly from the next room. Thanks DAB+, FM,CD, USB, iPod, digital and analog in-put and network support, all amenities are permanently installed. Since the MCR-610 is generally sold without speakers are good speakers from another manufacturer duty.

Particularly well-harmonised is the system with the B&W 685S2, which copes thanks to the simple direction change of the chassis thanks to a flick – which is an excellent fit to the digital output stages of the, which sound do not always harmonise with phase rotations and impedance variations as it causes complex crossover.

Cambridge Audio Minx Xi: There are two main reasons why the Mini Xi is an impressive addition to Cambridge’s portfolio.The configuration of the Minx Xi is hardly an accident. It uses with CD player, tuner, analog which are substatially dedicated substantially to the processing of digital data. Whether streaming via LAN, WLAN or bluethooth (WLAN and Bluetooth each require an optional dongle!), optical or electrical digital source player, the MINX Xi has the appropriate connectors ready. Also, two analog sources can be fed. In technical terms, the output stage MINX Xi the best performance in the test field. Work with powerful transistor amplifiers in the Class-A/B-Modus MINX Xi also able even complex loads is also to drive. This leaves you with many floorstanding speaker — or even with very sophisticated compact speakers – to mix and match. Perfect for this are new Silver Series from Monitor Audio! Due to the excellent bass performance, this combination has the option to have the speakers free from the machine as free from speaker stands or a sideboard. Its price remains competetive even when the MINX Xi is purchased with the complete 43- inch format. More on this next week.

Kompaktboxen: B&W 685S2, KEF Q300, Monitor Audio Silver 1

Compact Speakers:
B&W 685S2, KEF Q300, Monitor Audio Silver 1

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