Samsung Serif TV 2019 Design Update

It has been over two years since Samsung launched Serif TV in cooperation with industrial designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. Now the designer TV has been given both an aesthetic and technical facelift. The new models are in our showrooms ready for you to see for yourself. Here is the most important thing in a nutshell.

On The Surface

Basically, the Serif 2019 is based on its predecessor: the proportions have changed slightly, but from the side, you can still clearly see the idea of the “I” form. The metal legs have become somewhat longer so that the TV gains some height. As an option, they can also be removed and the TV can be placed on existing furniture. The plastic housing also offers enough space at the top to place decorative objects of all kinds on the TV.

A magnetically adhesive cover on the back ensures that the connection field is concealed. The connected cables can be routed through an opening in the frame and further through a support leg, so that free installation in the room is conceivable, even though the Serif TV does not have a One Connect Box.
In the 2019 model series, the Serif comes in a total of three sizes: 43, 49 and 55 inches. In the demonstration, we currently have both the small and the large version.

Current Display Technology

So if the optical changes are limited, things look a little different from the technology used. All three models are equipped with the latest processors and 4K-QLED displays and, thanks to HDR10+ support, offer sharp and colourful images in keeping with the times. As a reminder, the small model of the 2017 Serif series, on the other hand, had to make do with a relatively old-fashioned HD-ready display in 24 inches. In order to emphasize the design aspect of the Serif, even more, the new models again feature a so-called ambient mode: When the Serif TV switches to standby mode, a kind of screen saver starts, abstract structures are visible on the screen. The highlight: the TV can automatically adjust the colour scheme based on an analysis of the ambient light, thus integrating itself even better into the room. Basic information such as date and time, whether or dates can also be displayed.

Other Features

With regard to operation, there are other aspects worth mentioning, the most unusual being certainly the integration of an NFC hotspot (Near Field Communication). An NFC-enabled smartphone can also be placed on the correspondingly marked position on the Serif TV, then both devices connect, the TV switches to ambient mode and music can be streamed from the smartphone to the TV. In addition, Samsung has integrated the current Apple AirPlay 2, so that all possible content from iPhone, iPad, and co. can easily be sent to Serif TV. Also on board, of course, is Samsung’s voice control Bixby, but also compatibility with the competition, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa is guaranteed.

If you prefer a classic look, you can simply use the remote control supplied to navigate easily through the menus. In addition, an app for iOS and Android is also available.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the new 2019 Samsung Serif models leave a lasting good impression. Technically up-to-date, they offer an excellent alternative to all those who would like something that differs from the typical TV design and who can also do without absolute high-end hardware.

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