Rotel’s Diamond Series Marks 60 Years Of The Company

Rotel’s Diamond Series Marks 60 Years Of The Company
Rotel’s Diamond Series Marks 60 Years Of The Company
Rotel’s Diamond Series Marks 60 Years Of The Company
Rotel’s Diamond Series Marks 60 Years Of The Company
Rotel’s Diamond Series Marks 60 Years Of The Company
It wasn't all that long ago that we announced the Diamond Series from Rotel. Now the DT-6000 D/A Converter with a CD player and the RA-6000 Integrated Amplifier has landed in our store! Rotel's Clark Jungmann joined us to unpack the beauties — read on as we go into more detail

The Rotel Story

In 1961, the company Rotel Co. Ltd. was founded by Tomoki Tachikawa in Tokyo. To this day, it remains a family affair. Back then, then the manufacturer was still primarily one of the original devices and focused on the production of individual audio components, as well as the assembly of products from other companies. However, in the early 1960s, they increasingly began to develop and market products under their own brand name.

Rotel has always placed a high value on accurate music reproduction and excellent build quality, focusing on the essentials. In doing so, the Japanese company always balances quality and affordability with its carefully and solidly designed hi-fi components.

On the occasion of the company’s 60th anniversary, Rotel has launched the Diamond series, a classic combination of a stereo-integrated amplifier and a CD player. For several years now, Rotel has been an integral part of our product range, and we have always had good experiences with their products.

DT-6000 D/A converter With CD Drive

Streaming is in fashion, but CDs are still part of life in the HiFi universe. With the DT-6000, Rotel delivers the ultimate interface of both worlds. Thanks to the integrated ESS Sabre ES9028PRO D/A converter, it is remarkably versatile. By splitting the signal processing between four mono D/A converters, each for the right and left channels, every last detail is preserved during processing. The notable reduction of stray radiation, noise as well as distortion is due to both the circuit design and a stable supply voltage. The integrated PC USB input supports high-resolution MQA and DSD files up to 32-bit and 384 kHz and DSD512. Coaxial and optical digital inputs are also available. Bluetooth in the apt-X-HD standard is suitable for wireless streaming in “CD quality.” For those who like it classic and still rely on their silver discs, the CD drive, designed as a drawer, is placed centrally on the front. Analog signals are optionally output via a pair of unbalanced RCA jacks or balanced via an XLR connector. An RS232 interface for integration into control solutions is available, as well as 12V triggers. The dimensions of the DT-6000 are 431 x 104 x 320 mm, with a weight of 8.11 kg.

RA-6000 Integrated Amplifier

In terms of circuit design, internal component selection, and power supply, the RA-6000 takes its cues from Rotel’s flagship Michi series. With 350 watts into 4 ohms, it’s packed with the necessary amount of power to drive a variety of speakers. Three coaxial and three optical inputs allow the connection of numerous digital sources. For analog sources, the amplifier has a pair of balanced XLR inputs and three pairs of unbalanced RCA jacks, one of which serves as an interface to the integrated phono preamplifier for connecting turntables with MM cartridge systems. Two additional RCA connectors are found above the pre-out to integrate subwoofers. Thanks to Bluetooth aptX HD, high-quality signal transmission is also possible without cables. A USB-A port on the front rounds off the overall package of the Rotel RA-6000 once again conclusively. A corresponding storage medium or even a smartphone can be connected directly here. An RJ45 Ethernet interface is used for integration into the home network. With a size of 431 x 144 x 425 mm, the new Rotel RA-6000 weighs 18.81 kg. This weight is mainly due to the solid power supply and the massive case. Of course, an infrared remote control is also included.

Final Thoughts

The excitement was already high before unpacking. Our colleague Clark, with whom we did the unboxing, is himself a big fan of manufacturers of classic-looking hi-fi equipment. Of course, Rotel hits the bull’s eye. Focused on the essentials instead of putting a lot of energy into too many extras, the Japanese manufacturer delivers two excellent devices that embody the spirit of the brand, fitting for the anniversary. Let the products of the traditional manufacturer convince you. Because you certainly can’t go wrong with Rotel. In the end, only what you like and are satisfied with is right anyway. In the search for the right product for them, we are happy to assist you as usual.

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